ISBM Complaints - Help us modify our services

Some people are incredible at criticizing others, be it anything, they can easily point out flaws in each and everything. Although, criticism is seen as a negative thing, not many people know that it is very vital in figuring out your drawbacks from others point of view. Every individual should be sporting enough to take criticism positively. At ISBM students are taught to do the same with the help of various study programs. They are trained to keep their cool at the time of crisis in the organization that they work for. It is needless to say, along with teaching students the skills of being positive, ISBM itself follows the same principle. Being an online distant learning institution, the key here to a successful training remains communication from both ends.

We encourage our students to share their thoughts and ideas with us in the ISBM complaints section that is solely for receiving feedback from the pupils who are already a part of our organization or have been a part of our organization in the past. The feedback given by students Is not just helpful to us in making revising and implementing new ideas but are helpful for potential students in a number of ways. Believe it or not, but any buyer would first go through the reviews and complaints of a product/service before purchasing it. They are influential and can instantly generate interest within a person or even make them change their mind. Not many would be aware about this fact but most people prefer making their choices based on the complaints and feedback by the previous recipients.

We consider the ISBM complaints as a tool to validate and improvise our offerings in the coming years for our future students. These small gestures that include being open to criticism and reviews has helped a lot in making ISBM the best distant learning institute that it is today.

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